Our School Story



Quilchena Elementary is a close knit community school on the west side of Richmond. Our First Nations name means “flat land near water”.  Our symbol is the Cyclone:  Quilchena Cyclones Respect themselves, others and the community.  This close-knit community is made up of families from all around the world.  Our school motto is “Learning, caring and growing together” and this motto is lived every day through our students’ dedication to learning and their care for themselves and others. We have a vibrate PAC group that supports our school community. Our school has a large play area with a well established garden. For the past 14 year each day is started with a morning walk were students and staff connect and are able to regulate or get their bodies and minds ready for learning. Students are well connected with each other through our family teams. We also celebrate our learning through sharing assemblies run by students for students.