At Quilchena we have a strong sense of community. Students are able to work together and help each other. We have 8 family teams grouping. Family teams are groups of students from Kindergarten to grade 7. The teams change each year and the groups are balanced. Older students take responsibility for leading group activities. We start  our year in family teams and students work with different teachers over a two day period to get to know all of our staff. On Halloween students work together to carve pumpkins. During Collaboration time Mrs. Wallace has students in the primary working in family team groups as with the intermediate students. During Collab. time students are focused on how work in a group. Communication is key when workng in a small group. Students have to learn to put aside their wants for the good of the group. See the photos of team building in action! Our core competencies are in action - communication and team work. When our students leave grade 12 they must be able to work in a group and be able to communicate effectively with their group. At Quilchena we are building these foundational skills for our students. 

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021