Empowering Learners Through eportfolios A Year's Journey

  1. What is collected and posted? Who decides?


“We decide together what is the most important part of our learning to share, and we get to decide how we want to share it. Videos, audio, Pic Collage typing or writing it down. My favourite is videos.”


  1. How does an e-portfolio post allow for reflection, for feedback, and goal setting?


“It is nice to see my work and have Ms. Davis comment on what she notices.  I like to get ideas for next time.”


  1. How can we empower our students to become more active and engaged learners?


“I like having choice and doing hands on things. I learn more that way. I also like to learn with my friends.”


“I love having choice in anything that I do because I can show what I’m strong at.”



  1. How can we increase parent involvement in their student learning?


“We should tell our parents when we have posted something so they know to go and look.”



  1. How can we make documentation more authentic and efficient in the classroom?


“Sometimes I would like to share other things I am working on, but don’t always have the ipads and sometimes don’t know if it is important or not.”



Do you think this (portfolios) is making a difference in your learning and how do you know?


“I like being able to share my learning and make different videos.  I like to make videos because I find speaking is easier than writing.”


Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021