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At our May Pro-D, we dedicated time to sit in teams and looked at all of the data that emerged from our scans and teaching
During the Fall and then again in June, our students were asked the following questions: 1) Who are the adults at Quilchena that you feel
Staff have been focussing on building community and developing friendships in the classroom. They have been developing common language as a school, using our Care
What a Year! In the midst of a Global Pandemic our learners were still able to develop their reflection skills. Our amazing teaching team learned
Division 5 students - grade two and three students are diving into their eportfolios to communicate their learning. This week the students were presented with
Video Messages Connect Community During Spring Break in March 2020 our schools in British Colmbia were closed due to the CoVID 19 pandemic. Dr. Bonnie
What is collected and posted? Who decides? “We decide together what is the most important part of our learning to share, and we get to
At Quilchena we have a strong sense of community. Students are able to work together and help each other. We have 8 family teams grouping