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WHAT ACTIONS DID WE TAKE? • Student scans and interviews • Friendship Groups & Café • Mindful listening and observing during unstructured times, both indoors
This year we will be focusing on using consistent language throughout the school that will focus on a Social Emotional Framework: Quilchena Cares: Care for
During our September 24th and November 22nd Professional Development Days, the Quilchena Staff took time to discuss and re-examine our We Care framework. We discussed
In the 2020/2021 school year we are building upon the last three year focus on Self Regulatin, Co- Regulation, Community and Relationships, and Social Responsibility
Our staff met in November 2019 with the goal of creating a social responsilbity matrix that all of our staff and students would understand. Our
At Quilchena our students are aware of the influence of readiness has on their daily learning? In all of classes students are explicitedly taught how
Our Focus on personal and social core comptencies is encapsuled in our MOTM. What is Movie of the Month? It is a collection of images
Blog # 1 October 2017 On September 21 at our annual Meet My School BBQ we displayed our matrixes outside on a rolling board. We