Now, Not Yet, Next Steps

In the 2020/2021 school year we are building upon the last three year focus on Self Regulatin, Co- Regulation, Community and Relationships, and Social Responsibility. Last year before the Pandemic our community develop a new acronym Quilchena CARES to help students develop their ability to both co regulate, build connections and be peaceful problem solvers. This year our focus is shifting slightly to assessment. Our entire school is shifting from reporting and report cards to communicating student learning. In our scanning we noticed that our students are continuing to learn how to take more ownership of their learning. We also noticed that students see learning as a finite set of steps to go up and then when at the top they are done. Our beauitful redesigned curriculum is one that is layered year of year and through the different grades enabling students to always be reaching and stretching themselve as learners. Our question for this school year is

How might we create a cycle of celebration, reflection, feedback, looking ahead -  for our learners using the prompts - Now - What do I wish to Celebrate? Not Yet? Where do I want to go? Next Steps? How am I going to get there or what are my next steps? 

We believe that using these prompts in tandem with our eportfolios may develop learners who are able to see learning as a continous cycle. 



Updated: Tuesday, April 5, 2022