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Blog # 1 October 2017 

On September 21 at our annual Meet My School BBQ we displayed our matrixes outside on a rolling board. We create visuals via Haiku Deck and displayed our school story focus and question. We invited parent feedback via stickee notes. We invited parent feedback after we did our staff introductions. We receive very little feedback. At our first PAC meeting our school story was introduced and the same display was shared. PAC parents requested that the matrix be put on our website for feedback. We have cut and pasted the table below. The formatting did not paste but the words did. Parents we ask for feedback please. Please email feedback and comments to Mrs. Wallace at


Quilchena Parent/Guardian Matrix


Teach and practice good health habits regarding personal hygiene, exercise, nutrition and sleep
Help my child develop healthy screen habits and internet safety
Make sure my child does not bring disruptive, harmful or illegal things to school
Teach my child to choose a safe route to and from school including using the footpath from the street and parking lot
Teach my child to follow bike safety when they ride their bike to school
Use drop off zone or park car
Drive safely through the school zone and parking lot


Support school staff in helping my child develop a sense of respect for others and their belongings
Assist my child in making sure their clothing attire for school are ready for school activities and outside play
Support school’s recommendations to improve my child’s personal, social and academic success
Follow visitor procedures by checking in at the main office before going anywhere in the school building or grounds during school hours
Follow school guidelines for electronic use
Return phone calls, emails and forms/notes in a timely manner
Make an appropriate time to meet with the teacher when in need a meeting
Make an appropriate time for outside of school activities
Let the school know in advance if my child will be absent from school


Make sure that my child arrives at school between 8:30 -8:40am every day
Help my child get up in the morning to arrive at school on time
Help my child go to bed at a reasonable time so they get enough sleep before coming to school
Encourage my child to eat breakfast before they come to school
Make sure I contact the school if I am going to be late to pick up my child from school
Try to make appointments for my child out of school hours so they have as few absences as possible
Attend Parent Teacher meetings and conferences
Provide my child with a quiet place in the home for daily reading and supervise the completion of their homework
Talk with my child each day about their school activities
Understand and support school expectations and policies


Check my child’s student planner to keep up to date on communication between home and school
Read and discuss with my child every day and check their homework
Find ways to help my child practice behaviours that will make them responsible and independent
Read the school newsletters and check the school website to learn information about school and special events
Attend parent information activities through out the school year
Contact my child’s teacher to discuss any issues that may affect their learning and/or welfare



Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021