#Pink Day - February 28th

Pink Day Tomorrow!  

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Tomorrow is #Pink Day across the country. We invite all of students to wear pink tomorrow to recognize our collective responsibility to help stop bullying both in our  schools and online. Our amazing school staff have planned a family team activity where students will work together to learn what influence each student has to stop bullying.  We have discussed the difference between conflict and bullying as well as underlining the specific influence bystanders have in stopping bullying. Through our work with students we encourage students to always tell a trusted adult. As well, we are emphasizing kindness. How can each student - each and every day - show kindness towards others. Although tomorrow is #PinkDay here are Quilchena we endeavor to teach our students kindness, compassion and tolerance each and every day. We look forward to a sea of pink tomorrow. 

Mrs. Wallace and Quilchena Staff