Any Day Ready

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As mentioned in our October Newsletter at Quilchena School students will go outside in “any” weather at recess. To be Any Day Read we ask parents and students to come to school prepared.

Children are naturally curious about the outdoors and often love to be outside exploring regardless of the weather.  As adults, many of us are not as comfortable being outside when it is cold or wet so we need to be careful not to discourage children's natural joy with nature.  Research shows that time outside can:

Moderate the effect of stressful events
Improve self-discipline
Improve impulse control
Improve academic performance
Lower rates of aggression
Combat loneliness

As a school, we have started a new plan for recess on rainy and cold days. We believe that children need lots of time to run, play and be active, and most often, being inside the school on a rainy day does not allow for that. We realize that being prepared for playing outside on a rainy day is extremely important to making our new plan work, so we are asking parents to help their children be ready to play outside, no matter what the weather.

To be "Any Day Ready," students will be asked to bring the following items at school on rainy and cold days (and on days that look like it may rain):

a waterproof jacket with a hood
boots or waterproof shoes or a change of shoes
a change of clothes in case your child is wet from playing outside (i.e. extra pants & socks)

Please make sure to LABEL all of your child's clothing that is sent to school. Please put the clothes inside a large zip lock bag with your child’s name on the outside.

We know that having all the students outside each day for fresh air and a chance to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather will allow them to become re-energized and ready for learning when they return to their classrooms. Thank you in advance for your support with our Any Day Ready plan!

Here is a link to the David Suzuki Foundation website where they have info on why it is good to spend time outside: