We hope all our @QuilchenaC had a wonderful long weekend. We have a few updates before our next newsletter..

Reminder to our Quilchena community, School District #38, is using School Cash Online system to receive all payments and to notify all our parents/guardians about upcoming field trips and other special events for our students. We prefer that all payments be made through School Cash Online. Please sign up for an account using the link on the right. Having an account is essential as we send all field notices and permissions through School Cash Online. Parents have the option of paying in person, however, we ask that everyone have an account, so that at the very least, parents/guardians can receive important field trip and special events notifications. It is crucial to check off receive the email notifications box in the School Cash Online system. At Quilchena,  we have an extremely high adoption rate, 94%,  our goal is to have a 100% adoption rate as School Cash Online creates safety and efficiency as the service reduces the amount of cash and checks coming into our schools. 


Individual School Photos - retakes - November 8th 


Cross Country Practices are Weds and Fri am at 8:15 am Our district meet is October 18th at Garry Point Park at 3:30 pm 


Rain Recess - as the weather turns to more fall like days and the rain comes we are exploring the idea of rain recess. Rain recess means that students will go outside at recess every day. We ask that our students come prepared to go outside if it is raining. This means bringing a good rain coat and appropriate shoes. An extra pair of boots or shoes kept at school will help. 

Holiday Art Cards - are in the process of being created by your children. By mid-November you will be receiving child's card and order form. These unique cards are perfect cards to send to family and friends as a holiday greeting. 

Read, read and read again - please support your child and encourage daily reading,  read something they love, something at their level and most importantly read every day.