Young Citizens Farmers & Artisans Market

This market was organized by the staff and students at Quilchena along with the staff and students of the Terra Nova preschool.  Quilchena and Terra Nova are buddy schools and have met many times over the course of this year to plan this culminating activity.  At the Terra Nova Preschool, students spend a significant amount of their day outside learning about their natural world and creating beautiful and plentiful gardens.

Both the Terra Nova Preschool and Quilchena School are very grateful for all of the support from the City of Richmond.  City staff liaised with school staffs, providing the perfect venue for our event and organized the setting up of tables and canopies.  We were delighted when Mayor Malcolm Brody stopped by along with Councillors Linda McPhail and Bill McNulty.

Superintendent Sherry Elwood and Area Superintendent Lynn Archer along with many other school district personnel also supported the project by buying produce and crafts.

Thank you to the staff and students from Cook Elementary who also supported our sale.  This was a community effort supported by so many and we are truly grateful.